Monday, April 23, 2012

The Incas lived their life in the Inca Empire. This Empire was located in Peru. The Incan Empire was surrounded by different mountains, the mountains were extremely enormous. Invaders or strangers struggled to have the ability to enter the empire because it was difficult to attack. The Incas believed in afterlife and they treated the people dead really well attended. The Sapa Inca had all the power and made all the rules. The Incas believed that they were all ‘children of the sun’. The sun god was Inti. Inti was was important because the Incan ruler was considered a descendant of Inti. Sapa Inca was the emperor that organized the social classes into a pyramid. It was basically upper class and lower class. When people did bad things, their punishments were really strict. Not lots of crimes were committed in the Inca Empire. After a person finished their time in punishment, their job was to tell other people about his or her experience and make them scared to not do bad things. The Inca Empire fell apart once a Spanish person named Francisco Pizarro got into their lives. Francisco had spent 30 years fighting against the native people of mesoamerica. The Inca Empire underestimated Francisco because they didn't see him as a threat. Francisco had about 160 people fighting as people in his side. Francisco invited the Inca Ruler to a meeting. The Inca Ruler brought about 5,000 soldiers with him but they didn't bring any weapons. Francisco asked the Inca Ruler, Atahualpa to give up his Gods, and the ruler laughed in his face. Francisco kept him as a prisoner and took over his part in the Inca Empire. After Francisco had defeated the Incas, the ruler asked for him to be free.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Against Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is dangerous because when people say something to other people it makes other people commit to suicide or do something bad to themselves.I personally think that we need to bring an end to cyberbullying because I hate seeing people kill themselves to what others say or do to them. I think people that want to commit suicide should think about it lots of times because someone saying thing isn't worth it.